UART Module

UART lora module is a wireless module for serial communication between IoT electronic devices. Simple and easy to use, reliable and stable, and low cost. Supports multiple data formats and transfer rates. It is widely used in communication of microcontrollers, embedded systems and IoT devices.

nRF24L01+ 2.4G UART Wireless Module E34-2G4D27D Full Duplex High-Speed Transmission 10dBm Ebyte GFSK DIP 5KM Wireless Module


The nRF24L01+ 2.4G UART Wireless Module E34-2G4D27D is a high speed full duplex transmission module that operates at 2.4–2.518GHz. It offers a maximum transmission power of 27dBm and a wireless...

nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz Wireless IoT Transceiver EBYTE E34-2G4H27D Long Range 5000m Transmitter Receiver nRF24L01PA Modulue


E34-2G4H27D is a 2.4G wireless transceiver module with high speed and long distance(can be transmitter and receiver both). The module features FEC (Forward Error Correction)algorithm.It can correct the interfered data...

nRF24L01P UART RF Module 2.4GHz 20dBm Long Distance 2km E34-2G4D20D-V2.0 SMA-K Antenna Wireless Transceiver Transmitter Receiver


[Introduction]:E34-2G4D20D is a 20dBm wireless transceiver module. It operates at 2400-2505MHz, provides an easy way to use. The typical feature of E34-2G4D20D is high speed. Under a variety of baud...

SX1212 433MHz Wireless RF Module EBYTE E33-433T13D Transceiver Receiver 20mW Long Range SMA-k Antenna Low Power Transmitter


[Introduction]:E33-433T13D is embedded in a high-speed low-power microcontroller and a high-performance chip SX1212. The transmission power is 20mW, and only 3.0mA is consumed in the receiving state. It has a...

EBYTE E70-900T14S CC1310 UART Wireless Module Modbus RSSI 14dBm High-Speed Continuous Transmission E70-900T14S IPX/Stamp Hole Antenna Module


E70-900T14S is based on originally imported  CC1310from TI, with TTL level output, 3.3V IO port voltage,24MHz industrial high-precision low-temperature drift crystal vibration; Ensure its industrial ability and stability. This top-of-the-line...

Wireless Module E49-900T20S 20dBm Long Range 2.5km Low Power Consumption IPEX/Stamp Hole Antenna Data Transmission Module


[Introduction]:E49-900T20S is an ultra-high cost-effective wireless module launched by Chengdu Ebyte. It has 4 operating modes. Each transmission mode has its own characteristics and can be applied to various application...

Ebyte 868MHz Wireless serial port module for Wireless transmission rf and wireless rf transceiver modules


[Communication interface]: UART [Working frequency]:860.125~932.125MHz [Transmission power]:13dBm [Communication distance]: 1.0km [Antenna interface]:IPEX/stamp hole [Product size]:16*26mm [Introduction]:E330-900T13S is a small size, low power consumption, low-cost ultra-high cost-effective wireless serial port module, integrated transceiver,...

SI4463 868/915MHz RF Wireless Module Long Range 2.5KM 100mW E30-900M30S IPEX/Stamp Hole Antenna SMD Package SPI Wireless Module


[Introduction]:E30-900M30S is a hardware module (SPI) based on the SI4463 RF chip imported from Silicon Labs. It is a half-duplex, SMD integrated transceiver with transparent transmission available. With working frequency...

Wireless Serial Port Module EBYTE E30T-433T20S 150℃ High Temperature Resistance 425~450.5MHZ 20dBm IPEX FEC RSSI 3.5KM SMD


Brand Name:EBYTEOrigin:Mainland ChinaCondition:NewType:Drive ICModel Number:E30T-433T20SPackage:SMD Main parameter Performance Remark Reference distance 3500m Clear and open environment, antenna gain 3.5dBi, antenna height 2.5m, air rate 1kbps Subcontracting 58 Byte The maximum...

EBYTE Wireless Module E62-433T30D 433Mhz Full Duplex FHSS UART 30dBm 1W Long Distance Wireless Transmitter And Receiver Module


Brand Name:EBYTEOrigin:Mainland ChinaCondition:NewType:Drive ICModel Number:E62-433T30DSupply Voltage:3.3-5.2VDissipation Power:30dBmis_customized:YesOperating Temperature:-40-+85℃Package:SMDWorking frequency:425~450.5 MHzTest distance:3000mSize:37 * 60 mmAntenna type:SMA-KCommunication interface:UARTPackage:DIPPower supply:3.3-5.2VType:Wireless Module RF Parameter Value Remark Working frequency 425~450.5 MHz Default:  433MHz Transmitting power...

EBYTE E65-2G4T12S 2.4GHz Full Duplex Wireless Transceiver Serial Module Continuous Transmission Receiver IPEX/Stamp hole


Ebyte's E65-2G4T12S is a 2.4GHz RF wireless transceiver module, offering point-to-point, high-speed continuous transmission, full-duplex communication, and frequency hopping to reduce interference. Compact SMD packaging and 12dbm transmitting power enable...

EBYTE E70-900T30s CC1310 UART Wireless Module Modbus RSSI 30dBm High-Speed Continuous Transmission IPX/Stamp Hole Antenna Module


[Introduction]:E70-900T30S wireless transceiver modules, operating at 861~876.5,907~922.5MHz (Default: 868/915MHz), is based on originally imported CC1310 from TI, with TTL level output, 3.3V IO port voltage,24MHz industrial high-precision low-temperature drift crystal...

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