SoC module

Wireless SoC modules integrate multiple functions such as processors and memory on a single chip suitable for IoT devices. This makes them compact, powerful, flexible and cost-effective. Very suitable for resource-constrained IoT applications. For example, lora soc, ble soc, wifi soc, zigbee soc, etc.

Ebyte E72-2G4M20S1C CC2674P10 2.4G Zigbee Low Energy ble5.3 Multi-protocol Wireless Communication Module with PCB Antenna


[Chip solution]:CC2674P [Carrier frequency]:2.4GHz [Transmit power]:20dBm [Communication distance]:620m [Product size]:28.7*17.5mm [Introduction]:E72-2G4M20S1C is a multi-protocol 2.4GHz patch-type wireless system-on-chip module independently developed based on the CC2674P10 produced. The transmit power is...

ASR6601 LoRa LoRaWAN SoC Node Module 433MHz 21dBm EBYTE Low Power Consumption 5.6Km Long Range E78-470LN22S(6601) LoRa Module


The E78-470LN22S(6601) series is a standard LoraWan node module designed and produced by Chengdu EBYTE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., with operating band CN470 to 510MHZ,supporting CLASS -A/CLASS-C node type that...

EBYTE E79-400DM2005S CC1352 SoC Wireless RF Module 433MHz 20dBm Dual-band ARM-based Long Range PCB Antenna Sub-G and 2.4G Module


[Introduction]:Based on TI CC1352P chip, E79-400DM2005S is a dual-band ARM-based RF SoC Module designed by Ebyte, with max transmitting power of 20dBm at SUB-1GHz and 5dBm at 2.4GHz. The module...

nRF52810 BLE 4.2 BLE5.0 2.4GHz Bluetooth Module Micro-size Wireless Transceiver Module EBYTE E73-2G4M04S1A CE RoHS


[Introduction]:E73-2G4M04S1A is a hardware platform without firmware, so users need to conduct secondary development.For more details about nRF52810, please refer to the official datasheet. This module has maximized the RF...

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