RF Module

EBYTE long range RF modules provide reliable long-distance wireless transmission. They are low power, low cost, and easy to use.

ebyte e49 900m20s 868 mhz module 915mhz 2.5km long range lora module


EBYTE E49-900M20S is a cost-effective wireless data transmission module launched by Chengdu Ebyte. It is a pure hardware module based on CMT2300A. E49-900M20S supports a maximum transmit power of 20dBm,...

EBYTE E07-M1101D-SMA CC1101 Wireless Transceiver Module Low Power 433MHz Development Board Small Size SPI Communication Module


E07-M1101D-SMA is a DIP wireless transceiver module, operates at 433MHz with small-size and 10mW transmitting power. Wireless communication made easy with the compact and high-performing E07-M1101D-SMA transceiver module.  Origin: Mainland...

EBYTE E01-2G4M27D nRF24L01 PA LNA nRF24L01P 2.4GHz Module 27dBm Wireless Transceiver Module Long Distance Small Size for Smart Home


E01 series E01-2G4M27D 2.4Ghz wireless transceiver module based on nRF24L01P with SPI interface features small size and various application usage.E01 series modules are embedded with imported electronic parts, such as...

EBYTE E07-433M20S CC1101 433MHz 20dBm Wireless Transceiver Module Smart Home SPI Interface Power Amplifier Rf Receiver Module


[Introduction]:E07 series wireless transceiver module based on CC110 with 10mW transmitting power as default features small size and various package; With built-in PA, the power is 100mW; With SPI interface,...

EBYTE E01-2G4M13S nRF24L01P Chips 2.4G Wireless Module IOT Electronic Components Wireless Transceiver Transmitter Receiver


E01-2G4M13S is a SMD wireless transceiver module, operates at 2.4GHz with small-size and high air data rate (2Mbps maximum). With embedded high-performance antenna, impedance matching precision and Batch production, the...

EBYTE E07-900M10S TI CC1101 Wireless RF Module 868Mhz 915Mhz IPEX/Stamp Hole Antenna Long Range 1.5km SMD Package SPI Wireless Module


E07-900M10S is an independently developed 855-925MHz SMD wireless module based on the CC1101 chip produced by Texas Instruments (TI), using an industrial-grade high-precision 26MHz crystal oscillator. This ultra-precise, industry-standard wireless...

EBYTE E01C-ML01DP5 2.4GHz Si24R1 20dBm PA LNA Wireless RF Module SPI SMA-K Antenna Long Range Transceiver Receiver Tansmitter


E01C-ML01DP5 is a 2.4GHz direct plug-in wireless module with a maximum transmit power of 100mW based on the domestically-made SI24R1. Its advanced communication features make it an ideal choice for...

E28-2G4M27S 2.4G Lora Transceiver Radio Wireless Module Sx1278 Upgraded Version Lora Transmitter Receiver Modules


[Introduction]:E28-2G4M27S is a 2.4GHz small SMD module (pin spacing 1.27mm)designed by Chengdu Ebyte. With built-in PCB antenna, SPI interface, it owns TX power of 500mW with power consumption. [IC]:SX1280 [Frequency]:2.4~2.5GHz...

EBYTE E49-400M20S CMT2300A Wireless Modules 433MHz 20dBm Cost-effective Long Range Wireless Data Transmission SPI Module


[Introduction]:E49-400M20S is a cost-effective wireless data transmission module launched by Chengdu Ebyte. It is a pure hardware module based on CMT2300A. E49-400M20S supports a maximum transmit power of 20dBm, and...

nRF24L01P Chip Wireless Module EBYTE E01-2G4M27SX 2.4G 27dBm SMD nRF24L01P+PA IPEX RF Interface SPI Communication Tx Rx Module


[Introduction]:E01-2G4M27SX is a 2.4GHz SMD wireless module with ultra-small size and maximum transmit power of 500mW independently developed based on nRF24L01P produced by Nordic in Norway. The original imported nRF24L01P...

EBYTE E72-2G4M20S1E CC2652P ZigBee Blue-tooth 2.4Ghz 20dBm Module Wireless Module SoC Transceiver and Receiver PCB Antenna


E72-2G4M20S1E is a multi-protocol 2.4GHz SMD wireless system-on-chip module independently developed by TI based on the CC2652P produced by TI. The transmit power is 20dBm. It integrates an ARM microcontroller...

EBYTE E73-2G4M04S1B nRF52832 Wireless Module BLE 4.2 IOT BLE5.0 Bluetooth Module 2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver Modules SoC


E73-2G4M04S1B is a hardware platform without firmware, so users need to conduct secondary development.For more details about nRF52832, please refer to the official datasheet. This module has maximized the RF...

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