With the continuous development and maturity of sensors, wireless data transmission equipment, and application solutions, it is also constantly promoting the development of industrial applications, smart homes, smart security, smart transportation, smart environmental protection, and smart agriculture. The development of mobile phones has brought about changes in lifestyles such as shopping and takeaways. The development of data transmission equipment has brought about changes in many aspects such as smart parking, smart agriculture, and smart industry. Today, we mainly talk about wireless intelligence at home. The light control is especially suitable for the renovation of old houses. It does not require additional wiring, and only needs a simple installation to realize the use of wireless smart light control.
The light control is mainly composed of a door switch and a smart switch inside the light.

After comprehensive comparison, the transmission distance of E01C-ML01S is 300m, which can meet the distance requirements of indoor lighting control; and the current as low as 0.7uA during sleep is suitable for battery-powered solutions; small size, 19*12mm The volume is more convenient to integrate into the device ;
When the light-on button is pressed, the wireless module transmits the light-on signal, and the wireless module integrated on the light receives the light-on instruction, and turns on the light control switch, which realizes wireless light control. Similarly, when the light is turned off, Just press the light off button, the wireless module will send out the signal to turn off the light, and the wireless module on the light will turn off the light when it receives the light off signal.
At present, in addition to the wireless light control of this basic solution, a pickup and MCU can also be integrated to control the light switch through voice recognition. This solution does not require a switch, but only requires voice to control the light switch, which is more convenient;
Features show:
Long wireless transmission distance: Using low-power (7dBm) modules, the transmission distance can reach 300m, which can meet the needs of indoor lighting control.
Low power consumption, the sleep current is as low as 0.7uA, which can meet the low power consumption requirements of lighting control equipment.
It can be customized, and specific functions can be customized and developed according to actual needs.
Support multi-channel communication, 125 communication channels, meet the application requirements of multi-point communication, grouping, frequency hopping and so on.
Different airspeeds can be configured according to requirements: high airspeed, fast transmission, and short transmission distance; low airspeed, slow transmission, and long transmission distance.
Small size, easier to set.
The frequency band is license-free and supports the global license-free frequency band: ISM 2.4GMHz.