With the continuous development of technology, smart homes have become a part of modern life. As an important part of smart homes, the emergence of smart switches has brought a more convenient and comfortable experience to our lives. Today, we are going to introduce our company’s newly developed small-sized 4G smart remote control switch: CE31-S series products. They are not only exquisite in appearance and powerful in function, but also add convenience and intelligence to your life.

model output method Operating Voltage Size
CE31-S01 1 relay output AC 85265V 88*39*24mm
CE31-S01A 1 channel 220V AC output AC 85265V 88*39*24mm
CE31-S01AT 1 channel 220V AC output AC 85265V 88*39*24mm
CE31-S01T 1 relay output AC 85265V 88*39*24mm

As can be seen from the table above, the entire series covers a variety of product styles and fully meets customer needs in terms of power supply, output and antenna type. In particular, this series of products is smaller and easier to hide than other series of remote control switches of our company. The minimum volume can be 40*40*20mm, which is especially suitable for places in smart homes where the layout needs to be hidden. So next, let’s learn more about the features of this series of products:

Functional features

  1. Exquisite appearance, convenient installation

This series of small remote control smart switches are not only compact and exquisite in appearance, but also simple and convenient to install. You don't need to carry out complicated modifications, just simply replace the original switch, and you can easily have a smart home experience. Its exquisite appearance design can also complement various home styles, adding a modern and fashionable atmosphere to your home.

  1. Multiple intelligent control methods

The device supports a variety of intelligent control methods. Whether through the "Cloud Intelligence" mobile app or Tmall Genie voice control, you can easily control your home lights. Whether you are at home or out, you can control the lights on and off as you wish with just one click or a password, making your life more convenient.

  1. Intelligent timing, intelligent energy saving

In addition to conventional switch control, the device also supports cloud timing function and countdown switch function. You can set a timer switch through the mobile phone App to allow the lights to automatically turn on or off at the time you specify. This not only facilitates your life, but also effectively saves energy and achieves the purpose of intelligent energy saving.

Case sharing

Case 1 Automatic curtains

In smart homes, electric curtains are already very popular among the public. When paired with our CE31-S series electric curtains, the curtains can be opened or closed at any set time, and can also be remotely controlled through a mobile phone, which is very convenient. . At the same time, because of the small size of the device, the device can be well hidden in the curtain box without damaging the beauty of the home.

Case 2 Intelligent access control system

Compared with the indoor environment, many users also need to achieve intelligent control outdoors, such as outdoor access control systems, and the CE31-S series products fully meet this demand. Because it is a 4G network, it can achieve intelligent control without WiFi and is small. It is small in size and can be easily connected to the access control system, especially for controlling the on and off of some signal lines, which is very practical.