In today's increasingly digital and mobile world, the consumption and sharing of audio content has become a part of daily life. Auracast™ broadcast audio, as the latest Bluetooth technology innovation, allows audio sources to broadcast audio to multiple Bluetooth devices around them, providing a new listening experience whether at home, in the office, or in public places.

Auracast™ broadcast audio is a new Bluetooth audio technology launched by the Bluetooth SIG. It is an important update of Bluetooth technology and aims to provide a new shared audio experience. Auracast™ Broadcast Audio was formerly known as Bluetooth Audio Sharing and is part of LE Audio in the Bluetooth 5.2 specification.


  1. Principle of Auracast™ broadcast audio technology

Auracast™broadcast audio is based on the LE Audio standard in the Bluetooth 5.2 specification and uses the new LC3 codec to provide efficient audio encoding and maintain good sound quality even at low bit rates. Through the ISO channel, Auracast™ can send audio in the form of a broadcast, allowing the receiving device to receive the audio data stream simultaneously. This multicast capability means users can opt in or out of specific audio broadcasts based on their preferences, enabling a personalized audio experience. Here are the key components of Auracast™ broadcast audio technology principles:

lLC3 Codec: LC3 (Low Complexity Communications Codec) is a new codec introduced in LE Audio. It is designed to provide higher audio quality and maintain good sound quality even at lower bit rates, thus Improved transmission efficiency and reduced power consumption.

lISO channel: The ISO (Isochronous) channel is a new Bluetooth channel type specifically used to transmit timing-sensitive data, such as audio streams. They support isochronous data transfer, which is essential to maintain continuity of the audio stream and reduce latency.

lBroadcast and receive: Auracast™ broadcast audio allows a source device (such as a smartphone or TV) to send audio content as a broadcast signal. This signal can be received by any Bluetooth device within range, provided that the device supports LE Audio and opts in to the specific broadcast.

lMulti-point connection: Unlike traditional Bluetooth audio technology, Auracast™ broadcast audio supports multi-point connection, which means that one broadcast source can send audio streams to multiple receivers at the same time, and each receiver can independently control its own audio experience.

  1. Advantages of Auracast™ broadcast audio:

 Auracast™ broadcast audio is designed with full consideration of user experience and diversity of application scenarios. Its advantages include:

High-quality audio transmission: The LC3 codec ensures high-quality audio transmission even under limited bandwidth.

Low power consumption: As part of LE Audio, Auracast™ focuses on improving energy efficiency and extending the battery life of your device.

Multi-device sharing: One audio source can broadcast to multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time, supporting large-scale audio sharing.

User control: Users can choose to join or exit the broadcast, control their own volume and other settings.

Seamless connection: A streamlined connection process enables users to easily discover and join broadcasts.

  1. Application scenarios of Auracast™ broadcast audio Auracast™ broadcast audio has a wide range of application scenarios, including but not limited to the following:

Public transportation: On buses, trains or airplanes, passengers can choose to join the in-vehicle broadcast and listen to journey information or entertainment content.

Gym: Members can receive audio guidance of fitness classes through their own headphones without being disturbed by surrounding noise.

Conferences and exhibitions: Participants can receive speeches or translations through their own devices, improving meeting participation and efficiency.

Education: Students can receive lectures in the classroom or listen to audio materials quietly in the library.

  1. Conclusion

The above technical reference comes from the Bluetooth Technology Alliance. Auracast™ broadcast audio is a major breakthrough in the field of audio sharing. It not only improves audio quality and user experience, but also provides more possibilities for the distribution and reception of audio content. . With the development and application of technology, Auracast™ is expected to become one of the standards for audio sharing and transmission in the future.

Looking to the future, as more devices and services supporting Auracast™ broadcast audio are launched, we can expect this technology to be further integrated into people's daily lives, bringing more convenience and fun to individuals and society. The development of Auracast™ broadcast audio will also inspire the industry to continue to innovate and promote the advancement of related technologies and products.